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The Jeanneau 379 Sun Odyssey By: Ian Van Tuyl yacht broker in California

I have personally sold 5 new Jeanneau 379 sun odysseys as of 2013 and delivered them to my clients here in California and Mexico and I truly hold a spot in my heart for this vessel. It all began at the international dealer meeting in France where I had the opportunity to meet Marc Lombard the designer of my 2007 Jeanneau 39i and the designer for the new Jeanneau 379 sun odyssey. He spent time with me going over all the details that he put into this yacht. Starting with the hull of the vessel the Jeanneau 379 Sun Odyssey has a very plumb bow and a gradual slope down to the forward part of the L shaped bulb keel. This plumb bow offers many advantages but the largest is being able to get a much longer water line on the vessel. The Keel it self is cast iron and most people are leery of this but yacht builders have been using iron for centuries and the process to make this keel acceptable for Jeanneau is to have it fully incapsulated in Epoxy completely sealing the metal from the water even before the bottom paint. The keel design is plumb as well with a large bulb found on the bottom giving extra weight at the lowest point possible. Just aft of the Keel the hull has a very nice stern reflex where it gradually comes up to the Rudder. This stern reflex provides a couple key elements to the Jeanneau design allowing the vessel to handle very well in large seas and instead of the vessel being pushed by following seas the Jeanneau yachts surf down the seas with very minimal or no weather helm. The design of this hull allows it to be very fast and powerful yet provide great handling and stability. To add to the stability Mark Lombard along with the Jeanneau design team have started adding hard chines to there hulls. The hard chine allows a couple things to happen. A greater water line when healed over and added stability to the boat where its needed. By adding the hard chine Jeanneau found that they where also able to create more interior volume a great design look with some serious function.

About the Jeanneau 379’s Dual Helms

When boarding the cockpit of the Jeanneau 379 sun odyssey you first notice the large drop down swim or boarding platform allowing you very easy access into the cockpit of the 379. This is the first 37 foot yacht with twin or double helm’s. The double helms provide a couple great features and benefits to the helmsman buy allowing you to be on the upper or lower side of the sails for great visibility along with having the helm right in front of you where you need it with out reaching and straining to control the vessel. The seating at each helm has two positions on the Jeanneau 379 directly aft of the helm or off to the side so no matter what tack you are on you will always find a comfortable seat with great visibility. Centrally located above the cockpit table with two leaves that fold open for dining is the GPS Plotter that is mounted on a sealed swivel base that can be seen at each helm and integrated into the cockpit table. There is a Stainless Steel hand grab Rail so you or your guests always have something to hold on to or push off on. The cockpit it self is very roomy for a 37 foot yacht and has very high back rests making it comfortable for you and your guests on voyages

The sail handling features are something to pay close attention to when comparing the Jeanneau 379 sun odyssey to its competition. The Harken Jib winches are located by each helm and lead back to them is of course the Jib sheets but Jeanneau has taken it one step further by running the main sheet to a clutch there as well so at either helm you can control the Jib or the main sail at a hands reach away with out having to interrupt your guests or relaying on someone else to let out on the main sheet when that huge gust of wind hits you. This is a huge safety feature in my mind as well. Located on the cabin top are two Harken winches where the remainder of the sheets and halyards run to. The cabin top is flush along with all of the hatches so getting around is a breeze on deck.  Built into the cabin top is a wood grab rail, which is designed to aesthetically blend in and look like part of the cabin top but acts as a great hand hold when moving fwd at sea.

A word on the deck of the Jeanneau 379 and materials used
The deck it self is very advanced and is fully injected molded. This process gives you a stronger built deck with less wasted weight reducing the cabin top center of gravity giving the Jeanneau 379so more stability under way. All of the deck hardware on the Jeanneau’s are equipped with the best equipment made and Harken takes that title. Jeanneau uses all Harken winches, blocks, Travelers. The sheets and halyards are also a step above the competition. If you look closely at the Jeanneau’s sheets and halyards you will see that it’s just not your average XLS its the high end stuff found on race boats for lower stretch and longer life also providing you with a much stronger product that comes standard on the Jeanneau 379 Sun Odyssey. The 379 offers multiple sail packages that you can chose from.  I prefer the Classic main sail with the large jib and code zero option but if you are looking for less work at the end of the sail then I would recommend the Furling mast.  Down below you will see a beautiful modern clean design with fine teak interior. The Fine teak is down below is a real laminate over marine ply giving you excellent strength with a zero maintenance finish. The best thing about the finish is your Jeanneau 379 will look the same as when you bought it 10 –15 years + down the road.
I personally love the design and sail handling that the Jeanneau 379 Sun Odyssey possesses.  The vessel manoeuvres very well at low speeds when docking and when under way the yacht will motor at 8kts SOG very fast and efficient for a sail drive 29hp Yanmar motor.  Under sail the helm is very light and my clients are always surprised that in 8 or 18kts of wind you can truly drive this yacht with your fingers its that well balanced. That is a very good reflection of the yachts designer.  All in all if you are looking for a 36-38ft yacht you should take a real hard look at the all new award winning Jeanneau 379 Sun Odyssey I can assure you you will not be disappointed.